☯Sailin' away☯

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I've got an easy life, a sad past, and a bright future.

Are you the other? Living on the outskirts of society. Obscured by your own advances. Never living a full life?

You must be the other. You are the death inside of me. You are the plague on the society you claim to be a victim of. You are the other, the only other, you repeat it again and again, until you are screaming into an empty world that doesn’t ever want to hear an other.

You are the other, the helpless, the lost, you are exploited, or so you say as you sharpen your nails behind our backs.

i need a new valentine, MINE SUCKS.

I have this overwhelming feeling that I’m going to start crying at any second.

all i do is write poems lately…. i feel like such a try hard SOS